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Puretec Filtration

Barden Pump Services are a supplier of Puretec water filters.

Water Softeners

Do you have white build up or scale marks in your bathroom? This is probably the filter for you!

Iron Removal Systems

Do you get red stains on your clothes after washing? Or perhaps a sulfur smell in your water? This is probably the filter for you!

Sediment Removal / Taste and Odour Removal

Do you want to rid your water of unwanted tastes and odours? Or simply filter out some unwanted sediments? This is the filter for you!

UV Bacterial Treatments

Are you worried you have bacteria living in your tank? Perhaps a family member is getting sick from the water? This is probably the filter for you! UV treats the water to eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria making it safe to drink!

Undersink Systems

Make your drinking water safe to drink with this compact under sink UV water treatment system.

Tank Safe

Kill 99% of the bacteria in your tank by adding some tank safe! Tank Safe treats the water for up to 2 Months at a time!

Caravan Filters

Make the water your drinking while on the road safe to drink with a Puretec inline caravan filter! Simply hook into a hose and you’re good to go!


Filter out sediments, rust, dirt, bad taste and odours at high pressures with a puremix cartridge.

Bore Safe

Break down the iron build up and reduce stains and odours with Puretec Bore Safe!

We can also source reverse osmosis, water neutralisers and so much more!