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Plumbing supplies

We stock a large range of PVC pipe and fittings. Including:

● Stormwater in 90mm
● DWV in 40mm, 50mm, 90mm and 100mm
● Pressure in 20mm, 25mm, 32mm and 50mm

PVC, Stormware and DWV fittings

PVC, Stormware and DWV pipe

Solvent Cement

Priming fluid

Poly Pipe

We stock poly pipe in in various sizes of rural and metric. We also carry a large range of fittings.

Give us a call or drop in to see if we have the lengths you need. We can cut to length if your not after a full roll.

Poly fittings

We stock a large range of poly fittings.

Tees, enlarging tees, reducing tees, threaded offtake tees.

BSP threaded elbows, tees, sockets, nipples, reducing bushes, end caps.

Couplers, end plugs, Conversion and adapter sets.



BSP threaded risers.