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Free Pool Testing

Still doing pool tests at home? Save the hassle and try our free pool testing service with our revolutionary in-store water testing lab. No measuring water, no vials, no prep time, just quick accurate results! In just 60 seconds all the test results are completed by the automatic lab and recorded. Included tests: free chlorine, total chlorine, total alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, copper content, iron content and stabaliser. It’s so easy to do:

  1. Get a form and sample bottle from our store.
  2. Fill in the form with your pool’s details.
  3. Fill the sample bottle from your pool.
  4. Return the water sample making sure it doesn’t get hot as this will affect the result of the test.
  5. We run the sample through the lab and print out a report with detailed instructions on what to do next.

The “spin disc” comes pre-filled with the correct amount of reagent for each of  the tests it performs, just add water!

The lab, mixes the water sample with the reagent thoroughly and the photometer makes quick and accurate readings of the reagent colour. No more inaccurate readings using colour charts.

A sample report from our lab.

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